The software sorts the dragged and dropped image files by file names, and produces a landscape or portrait PDF file. All you have to do is preparing the images files and adjust the file names in ascending order. If the image files are acquired from a smartphone, tablet, or digital camera, their file names are already in ascending order. By this software, you can get the PDF file as a simple album easily.

1. PDF Options

Pick an option to decide the genenrated page orientation to be landscape or portrait. Each page contains only one image. You can make the images occupies the most page spaces by deciding the page orientation. If image rotations are acceptable, check the box "auto-rotate" to make sure every image be mostly zoomed.

2. Image File List

Drag and drop image files into the image-list of the window. Only JPEG and PNG files are acceptable. Everytime you drop a bulk of image file, they are sorted in ascending order by their file names in the list, and are appended to the end of the existing list. If you want to remove some files from the list, just select them and click the button "Remove Selected" to exclude them.

3. Convert to PDF

After dragging and dropping image files as mentioned above, click the button "Convert to PDF". A file dialog-box appears for you to pick the output PDF file name and path, then the file generation will be finished.