Superpower Student



The leading role of the story with a positive personality. She is 17, the weight and measurements are secrets. Her best friend also her classmate is Anna. She seems to be an ordinary high school-school student. Actually, she gets two specual abilities named "debug" and "new". The power of "debug" is seeing and hunt the bugs which are invisible to others. The power of "new" is getting objects emerging out of the void. She can only create the objects based on the detailed knowledge in her mind.

According to her description, there are invisible bugs all over the world. They look like insects without self-consciousness. The objects that bugs attach to can not function properly. Sometimes it causes disasters. The persons that bugs attach to show abnormal behavior, and may hurt themself and people around them.

By the power of "debug", Alice can see and remove the bugs on the objects and human bodies. She may create necessary tools by the power of "new", such as a bug catcher or a slingshot. People that can not see the bugs can not see the tools neither.


Special Abilities

  1. debug: She can see the bugs which are invisible to others, and she can also tough and destroy the bugs. The ability requires neither pre-condition nor procedure. Alice sees and hunts the bugs natually. In others' sight, Alice wields her hands in the air.

  2. new: She can get objects emerging out of the void, with some restrictions. The masses and functions of the created objects are same with physical ones. People can not see the created objects just as they can not see bugs. The restrictions are:

    i. Alice must understand the structure of the objects completely in her mind. The power of "new" is creating objects, not duplicating the existing ones. Alice has to know the detailed design or theory of the objects.

    ii. The weights, sizes, and functions of the objects created by Alice are all the sames with the physical ones. But they are invisible to other people.

    iii. The durations of the created objects are unlimited. But they vanish if taken away from the place where Alice created and used them.

    iv. The amount of the objects created at the same time is not infinite, but it seems to be a big number. Alice has tried to "new" objects as many as possible. The created objects fill her room, and she fell down in a faint. When she wakened, all the created objects are gone.